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The abacus: a timeless symbol of accuracy in accounting

Timeliness - We know the importance of meeting compliance deadlines as well as client-specific timelines. Being smaller makes it easier to be nimble and quick!

Continuity - Our personnel on the engagement do not change with the calendar. You will see the same face next year and build a close working relationship with the individual(s).

Value Added Service - The little extras are what differentiate us from the competition. We will even greet you with a fresh cup of gourmet coffee.

These three characteristics, or the lack thereof, are among the main reasons clients choose or change accounting firms. We will always value your business and stand ready to serve. The information contained within this site should prove beneficial in your business as well as personal life.

We keep the beautiful Chinese abacus from the photo above in our office as a constant reminder of the accuracy and integrity demanded by our profession.

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