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As a client or prospective client of Heinemann & Associates, PLLC, you receive enhanced service for your complete auditing, financial, and business consulting needs through our membership in CPAConnect.

What is CPA Connect?

CPA Connect is a national network of independent accounting firms that provides you access to knowledge and markets across the country and around the world. CPAConnect is a companion network to CPAmerica International. CPAmerica and CPAConnect together form the largest network of independent CPA and consulting firms in the United States. The affiliation of CPAmerica, CPAConnect and Horwath International (our international strategic alliance partner) forms the largest alliance of CPA and consulting firms in the world.

What does our membership in CPAConnect mean to you?

Heinemann & Associates, PLLC is positioned to offer you the close, personal attention, loyalty and genuine concern for your unique needs that a firm our size can provide. Plus, we can respond to your complete financial and management consulting needs through our network of national and international CPAs and consultants with a wide range of specialized knowledge.

How are you assured of quality?

Firms accepted for membership in CPAmerica International must meet high standards of excellence in all aspects of practice, then continue to pass strict quality reviews every three years. Likewise, CPAmerica firms and the CPAConnect executive office carefully screen firms that seek membership in CPAConnect, offering affiliation only to selected small practitioners.

How can the CPAConnect network respond to your needs in the national marketplace?

The financial advice and services you can receive from our firm through CPAConnect are greatly expanded by our ability to provide:
  • Tax consultation on your most complex matters including succession planning, estates and trusts, multi-state and international issues, and specialized industries
  • Audit services, including privately held companies, non profit organizations and governmental entities
  • Broad access to in-depth business and management consulting to benefit your business needs, including specialized systems installation and advice
  • CPAs around the nation with in-depth knowledge and experience in your trade or industry
  • Loan procurement advice, including nontraditional alternatives for financing
  • Business valuation and litigation support resources
  • Mergers and acquisitions resources
  • Analysis of the impact of new and pending tax legislation
  • Ready access to assistance with branch office, warehouse, manufacturing or distribution operations
  • Advice on intrastate, interstate and international relocations
  • Enhanced research capabilities for our professionals

How are your international needs served through CPA Connect?

Through CPAConnect, our firm has access to the worldwide knowledge and resources of members of Horwath International, an international network of CPA and business consulting firms in 85+ countries around the globe. CPAs and consultants with these firms can quickly provide guidance on international tax questions, foreign sales, international business trends and other issues facing clients who deal in a global market.

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