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Human Capital Services

Heinemann and Associates, PLLC is pleased to offer human capital services through its commonly owned subsidiary, Personnel Profiles, Inc. We endeavor to help companies improve business performance by maximizing the value and returns on their human capital assets. At Heinemann and Associates, PLLC, we realize the value of people!

A stable and well trained workforce is a significant asset to any company. This becomes quite apparent when a business is sold. Prospective buyers usually assess the quality of the workforce in the company being acquired as part of their due diligence. The perceived level of quality will influence the buyer's decision on whether to acquire and how much to pay. Companies should know before merger or acquisition time that a significant off balance sheet asset will be scrutinized--the human capital component.

In the following pages you will find the tools (in cyberspace) to enable you to select the best workforce and develop it to its fullest potential. We welcome each of you to our site; it contains wonderful opportunities for your company to increase the value of its human capital. Please take a look!

Virtual Employment Center

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